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Ruff Roads Overland LLC is a veteran-owned and operated company that specializes in remote, vehicle-based adventure travel. Our products & services provide our customers with the confidence and piece of mind to unplug from daily stressors through remote exploration and solace in the great outdoors.


About Our Custom Trip Plans

Choose your own adventure

Our custom off-road adventure trip plans are a combination trails, sights, and remote campsites where we have done all the planning for you!

No need to worry about fuel or water resupply – we’ve got you covered with recommended top off locations and resupply points along your adventure. Each trip plan comes with a handful of breathtaking way-points, campsites, and trails so that you can choose your own adventure while feeling secure in knowing what lies ahead.

We also offer access to our RRO Adventure Guide videos where you can run the trails in the comfort of your home before your next trip!

RRO Adventure Guide Trail Videos

Experience overland expeditions through our Adventure Guide trail video series in stunning 4K to ensure you and your rig are ready for the real thing!

Check out an example of our RRO Adventure Guide videos below:


What People Say

The piece of mind provided was well worth the cost! We had an amazing family getaway knowing exactly what to expect in a very remote area.

Dr. Andrew Averitt

Ruff Roads Overland trip plans allow for inexperienced overland enthusiasts to confidently hit the trail allowing our family to explore incredibly remote areas!

Susan McCloskey

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