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No matter what your vehicle-mounted experience Ruff Roads Overland’s custom trip plans give you a personalized adventure for you and your family. Trips can be planned anywhere in the continental United States with locations such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, & Everglades National Parks. Simply complete a brief survey to provide us with some basic information, such as what vehicle(s) you will be driving, what area you’re interested in traveling to, and we’ll provide you with a unique adventure to get you out the door and exploring faster!

(Free primitive camping locations provided)

RRO’s Pichaco Colorado River Adventure
Trip Plan ExamplesDistance (mi)Trail DifficultyRecommended Duration (days)Remoteness (mi to nearest gas station)4×4 Recommended
Anza-Borrego Weekend Adventure75Easy244No
Death Valley Expedition400Hard496Yes
Picaho Colorado River Adventure100Medium224Yes
Eastern Sierra Hot Springs Getaway 100Medium243No
Historic Mojave Trail300Easy364Yes
Joshua Tree Excursion80Medium335Yes
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